5:30 pm: Southern Sun MayFair hotel

Hosted by Government of Kenya & iChoose Life

Remarks from Verena Knippel, Senior Governance Officer of the World Bank & Lead Organizer of Africa Open Data Conference, 2015


8:00 am: Gather on Strathmore Graduation Lawn at Keri rd. for Digital Globe Satellite Flyover Photo at 8:27 – Location

9:15 am: Take Seats

9:30 Welcome to Strathmore University

  • Dr. Joseph Sevilla, Director of @iLabAfrica

9:45 Why Open Data for Sustainable Development

Format: Interview followed by audience questions and answers

10:20 am: IceBreaker Session: Who are the East Africa Open Data community?

  • Participants stand-up, introduce themselves to each other, and share the story of why they have joined today.

10:30 am: Open Government in Africa Open Data and Sustainable Development

Format: Moderated Panel Discussion with audience questions and answers

11:20 am: BREAK

11:50 am: East Africa Open Data Needs and Challenges

Format: Lightning talks and moderated panel discussion

1:00 pm: Preview of Afternoon Workshops

1:10 pm: Working Lunch

2:00 – 4:00 pm: Workshops:

Infomediaries and Data Journalism

East African Open Data Progress and Prospects in Global Perspective – Charter FAQ

  • Sophie Lafayette – International Open Data Charter
    • The International Open Data Charter and its principles: How to strengthen open data policies in Africa
    • Building evidence of what works for open data in Africa
    • Open Data and SDGs: Exploring the GPSDD Open Data for Sustainable Development Module

4:00 pm: Highlights and Shared Insights from Workshops  

4:15 pm: DigiKids Presentation

  • Students from DigiKids and iLab data training showcase their progress 

4:30 pm: Close and Preview of Open Geo Day

  • Javier Carranza-Tresoldi – GeoData Scientist & Evangelizer, GeoCensos

4:45 – 6:30 pm: Reception Hosted by Map Kibera and MapBox


8:30 am: Registration and Refreshments

9:45 am: Welcome and review of Day One- Jeanne Holm, Africa Open Data Conference

10:00 am: Lightning Talks

  • Facilitator: Winnie Kamau, Talk Africa
  • Map Kibera – Joshua Ogure
    •  @JoshCulture
  • DataActLab – Alexandra Silfverthorpe
    • Development Data Hub – visualizes poverty data and financial flows to 150 countries worldwide. Country profiles are available with data for 150 countries, see for example Kenya here. Methodology and data is described here You can download all the data.
    • Spotlight on Uganda- visualizing development data and financial data by district (similar model could be used to track district development in Kenya)
    • Unbundling Aid – allows you to drill into aid data (who spends what where, using DAC data).
    • Here is a short video explaining the above tools.
    • Ending Rural Hunger – tracking data on needs, policies and resources needed to end hunger by 2030. Score cards have been developed for 145 countries, see for example Kenya tracking all countries’ actions to end hunger. List of indicators and data sources can be found here andhere. And this is a short video explaining the project.
  • Ramani Huria Flood Mapping with Digital Globe – Mark Iliffe, World Bank
    • @markiliffe  |  miliffe  at  |  mark.iliffe  at
  • Kenya Data Centre – Caroline Mutua,  Strathmore University iLab
  • WAZImap and PEPFAR Open Data – Serah Rono,

Format: 5 minute introductions to projects & programs followed by q&a

11:00 am: Working Sessions:

Note: No formal break in the agenda though coffee will be available throughout the morning

Format: Unconference-defined open discussions and shared findings with an aim toward connecting community for concrete work going forward.  Likely topics include:

  • ICT Tools use, re-use, and adaptation
  • Supporting Local Open Data Communities
  • Open Agriculture and Nutrition
  • National and shared platforms

12:30 pm: LUNCH

1:30 pm: Major themes and findings from group discussions

1:45 pm: Lightning Presentations:

2:00- 4:30 pm: Introduction to Community Mapping

Basic Skills Training and Mapping Activity run by Map Kibera and MapBox with Digital Globe Data

All Participants: Please bring a laptop

4:30 pm: Close and Thanks!