Public Transport AODC 2017

There are several ways to get public transport in Ghana. Just like in other African countries, the various transport have not time schedules that they operate. Meaning at anytime within the day, you can always take a public transportation system. Our transportation system is not metered meaning you have to bargain to get a fair price. The bus / van form of transportation has a fixed fare from one place to the other but the taxis you have to bargain. Drivers normally charge based on distance, traffic and sometime the ability of the passenger to pay . All commercial cars have yellow number plates.

The are two main means of public transportation in Ghana; the Taxi system and the van/bus system.
The taxis system – You will need  to get to the main street. Our cabs are usually yellow and other colors. eg. yellow and green, yellow and blue. Please make sure the driver knows exactly where you are going and you are also aware of where you are going before boarding a taxi.
Bus / Van – These are long or short buses moving from one location to another. They have not be able to alight you exactly at your location but can send you close to a particular location. Unlike the taxis, they load the car with other people before moving. They might stop several times on the way either picking or dropping other people off before continuing to their final location. It is the cheapest form of transportation you can get in Ghana.
Uber – If you have the Uber app, you can locate a car around your location and book



Bus / Van