download-24Daniella Q. Lepiz

Daniela Q. Lépiz is a Costa Rican data journalist and has worked for  Central American publications, including La Nación in Costa Rica, one of the first newspapers in Latin America to establish a data unit. She has a master’s degree in data journalism from the Rey Juan Carlos, University in Madrid, Spain. She is currently involved with Code for South Africa where she is data editor in the organisation’s Data Journalism Academy which offers training in data-driven storytelling to working journalists.

download-1Dr. Andrew Charman

Andrew Charman is a Director of the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation, a specialist research and community engagement organisation. He trained as a sociologist and development economist. He has worked in Malawi and South Africa and has worked on addressing of development challenges in a broad range of contexts, both rural and urban. His current research on the informal economy focuses on understanding the scope, scale and spatiality of the township informal economy through an examination of case studies. He has overseen a process of policy engagement through the method of public exhibition events which have been conducted in a number of townships. These events have endeavoured to improve dialogue and the sharing of knowledge and data between policy makers, civil servants, academics / researchers, development practitioners and the informal economy  participants themselves.

download-25Dr. Albina Chuwa

Dr. Albina Chuwa is a Director General of Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics; She has a PhD in Population Statistics, MA in Population Studies and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics and part time Lecturer at the Regional Eastern Statistical Training Center based in Tanzania. She is conversant in the area of data production, analysis, and dissemination of statistical information for evidence –based policy making at all levels. Being a Principle Population Statistician, she is conversant in the area of population analysis using indirect techniques of demography and gender analysis.  Currently, she is a Member of Steering Committee of Global Strategy for Improvement of Agriculture and Rural Statistics based in Rome and champion of Open Data Movement in Africa.

download-26Nnenna Nwakanma

Nnenna Nwakanma is Africa’s  Regional Coordinator at the Web Foundation where she has developed cutting-edge collaborations in Africa. Her work has a particular focus on the Alliance for Affordable Internet project and the Web We Want campaign for human rights on and through the Web. She is also heavily involved in driving forward the open data agenda across Africa. Nnenna is an experienced development professional who has worked in the ICT field in Africa for over a decade. As well as leading a highly regarded consultancy platform, Nnenna has in recent years co-founded The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa, and served as a board member of the Open Source Initiative. Her career has allowed her to work closely with many civil society organisations, the African Development Bank, the Digital Solidarity Fund and has seen her involved in many phases of the UN’s Africa Information Society Initiative.

download-2Jean-Paul Van Belle

Jean-Paul Van Belle is a professor in the Department of Information Systems at the University of Cape Town and Director of the Centre for IT and National Development. His research areas are the adoption and use of emerging technologies in developing world contexts including mobile, cloud computing. His passions are ICT4D and adoption of ICTs by small organisations. He has over 170 peer-reviewed publications including 25 chapters in books and about 40 refereed journal articles. He has been invited to give a number of keynote presentations at international conferences and holds an honorary professorship at Amity University. He currently supervises almost 20 Masters and PhD students and has graduated many more.

pm-us-pptPaul Mungai

Paul Mungai is a researcher based at the University of Cape Town. He is currently investigating Open Data initiatives in Africa with special focus on the mechanisms that enable institutionalization of these initiatives, including how the OGP commitments made by the various memberstates in Africa are being realized. You can reach him on twitter @paulmungaiw or email wandopm@gmail.com

download-27Emmanuel Lansana

download-3Charles Young

Charles Young has a Masters Degree in Town Planning, an Honours Degree in Geographical Information Systems and an IT Project Management Diploma with more than fifteen years of experience in implementing open data solutions in the extractives sector. Mr Young has focused on implementing open data solutions, primarily in Africa. He has vast experience in project development, implementing work programs, analysing regulations and fostering long term partnerships in the upper echelons of government. He has been actively involved in the design, execution and support of projects in numerous countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Greenland, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Senegal, South Sudan, Liberia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.Mr. Young is included as an Expert on the Extractive Industries Technical Advisory Facility organised by the World Bank’s Oil, Gas and Mining Policy Division.

download-4Yasaman Hadjibashi

Yasaman (Yassi) Hadjibashi is the Chief Data Officer of Barclays Africa Group Ltd becoming the youngest female corporate officer at 32 years in South Africa – and remains one of only two to p females in the financial services industry in the country. Progressive in her business thinking and use of new open-source technologies, combined with her fresh millennia leadership style, Yassi leads a new generation of data products and experiences leveraging the latest in the field of open-source big data technologies and deep learning, with a focus on the human face of data in financial services. She has also initiated ‘Tai-Chi Tuesdays’ at the office – to spark greater creativity from her colleagues.

ktownsendphoto1Kat Townsend

Kat Townsend is the Co-developer of the inaugural Africa Open Data Conference: The first regional open data conference in Africa co-led by a government. Partnered with World Bank and Government of Tanzania. She is also a Core founder of Global Open Data Agriculture & Nutrition(GODAN): Which is a coalition of 160 organizations encompassing global government, multi-national corporations, foundations, content experts, data scientists and partnerships to increase the availability and application of open data relevant to food security and nutrition.

download-5Megan Smith

Megan Smith is the Chief Technology Officer of the United States. She was previously a vice president of Google at Google, was vice president of business development at Google for nine years, and was general manager ofGoogle.org and the former CEO of Planet Out. She serves on the boards of MIT and Vital Voices, is a member of the USAID Advisory Committee on Voluntary Aid and co-founded the Malala Fund. On September 4, 2014, she was named as the third (and first female) Chief Technology Officer of the United States, succeeding Todd Park.

winniekamauWinnie Kamau

Winnie Kamau is a Data Journalist based in Kenya. Founder member of Association of Freelance Journalists which is a network of freelancers based in Kenya and Africa. She is also a Regional African Leader for Center of International Media Ethics (CIME). Also an Editor at African Voices based in Italy and Media Relations Consultant. And a content manager at www.Badili.org that tries to collate all the Open Data successes into one portal by republishing the stories. Part of the African Open Data Conference organisers.