Accra City

Accra Time Zone

Greenwich Mean Time is the local time. GMT +0:00



Loose, cool clothing is recommended year-round. Most visitors will find that a long-sleeve shirt or light sweater is sufficient in the coolest times.

Dress is conservative in Ghana and long pants are generally worn. Shorts are acceptable only if they are at least knee length. Revealing clothing or items with suggestive slogans are considered inappropriate. Ghana’s rainy season (April – September) typically produces rain showers, rather than full days of rain, but you will find raingear useful during that time. Some rainforests have very high levels of rainfall.



As with most major African cities, Ghana has a low but credible threat posed by terrorism; travelers should maintain standard security awareness and report any suspicious packages or behavior to the police.

Keep an eye on your belongings and maintain heightened security awareness in touristic sites and crowded transit facilities to deter opportunistic crimes such as pickpocketing and bag snatching.

We recommend carrying a mobile telephone programmed with useful and emergency contact numbers, including the AODC Health and Safety Center numbers. Also record the numbers on paper, or grab a copy of the AODC2017 Health and Safety fold pamphlet as well.

While Accra is a safe city for female travelers, we recommend taking standard security precautions, such as traveling with at least one companion after dark and not leaving drinks unattended.


Accra uses 220 – 240V running at 50Hz.